Understanding Preschool Readiness: What You Need to Know

Preschool can be an exciting and yet thrilling time for parents, if not for their little one. In many family scenarios, the child getting Early Childhood Education can experience what it feels like for the first time what it is … Continue reading

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Meal Planning: Introducing Natural Food To Toddlers

One of the trickiest things parents can go through is to get their child to eat nutritious foods when the snack treats are always sweeter and more appetizing to look at. However, not all are healthy, especially the processed ones … Continue reading

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How Soon Does Your Child Need to Read: Tips for Parents

Parents, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest, how excited are you with the prospect of your child learning to read? If you answer 10, that will be very unsurprising. … Continue reading

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5 Tips: How to Select Toys for Your Toddler

Can you still remember the first toy you’ve received as a two-year-old? If not, then you have our point. Toys can only do so much for kids but it’s prudent not to splurge on them. Your child probably won’t remember … Continue reading

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Helping Your Toddlers Overcome Their Fear Of Public Speaking

Along with the Best Childcare in Virginia, parents can help their toddlers overcome their fear of public speaking. Below are tips to do so. Make it fun. Most children often absorb new information when they are having fun. They tend … Continue reading

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