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Six Ways to Help Overcome Your Preschooler’s Shyness

Many parents encounter the same dilemmas regarding their little ones. One of the most common problems is perhaps their children’s shyness. Is being shy a bad thing? Wonderful Virginia Academy, the Best Childcare in Woodbridge, Virginia, says no. Being shy is not bad in itself. However, if your preschoolers’ shyness gets to the point where … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Your Child for Child Care

Any parent would absolutely be apprehensive leaving their children in other people’s care. As much as possible, you would want to be ensured of their care and safety around-the-clock. However, for many of us, especially working parents, enrolling your child in a daycare facility early on is essential. You, as a parent, are the key … Continue reading

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Why We Encourage Social Interaction Among Children

Do you notice how your infant gets excited when they meet new people? They tend to laugh a little more or even utter some incoherent words as if they are really trying to tell a story that you do not know about. This is just one of the many proofs that infants are just like … Continue reading

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The Impact of Performative Arts to the Growth and Development of Toddlers

We see art as part of the learning process to keep children from being bored. We equate art as an icebreaker giving the learner a chance to give their brain a chance to think of other things besides academics. But in reality, artworks more than just an accessory subject. It is the gateway to discovering … Continue reading

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Making Sure Your Child is Healthy

We all want to make sure that we can keep our children in good health through the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia. However, when it comes down to health, the best cure is preventive medicine! One aspect of Preventive Medicine or Preventive Care is making sure your child is exercising, getting the proper nutrition, and … Continue reading

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