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Asthma Awareness Month: Working with your Little One’s School

Children suffering from asthma usually have symptoms at school so parents must involve the school in caring for their asthma sufferer. This is essential even if a child only experiences mild asthma. Because many schools have children with asthma, their teachers and nurses are familiar with helping kids having this health problem. Still, this Asthma … Continue reading

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Why is it Important for Children to Exercise?

Childhood obesity is on the rise in not only our country but also around the world. This is an epidemic that is threatening our next generation. The only way to stop this epidemic and to enhance the lifestyles of our children is through exercise and eating right. Even the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia would … Continue reading

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Making Sure Your Child is Healthy

We all want to make sure that we can keep our children in good health through the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia. However, when it comes down to health, the best cure is preventive medicine! One aspect of Preventive Medicine or Preventive Care is making sure your child is exercising, getting the proper nutrition, and … Continue reading

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Infant Care in Woodbridge, VA

We see art as part of the learning process to keep children from being bored. We equate art as an icebreaker giving the learner a chance to give their brain a chance to think of other things besides academics. But in reality, artworks more than just an accessory subject. It is the gateway to discovering … Continue reading

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Why We Encourage Social Interaction Among Children

Do you notice how your infant gets excited when they meet new people? They tend to laugh a little more or even utter some incoherent words as if they are really trying to tell a story that you do not know about. This is just one of the many proofs that infants are just like … Continue reading

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Effective Parenting: Getting Your Toddler to Listen

It is important that in the formative years of your children, you must inculcate in them the value of learning. You need to make learning sound fun, so they’ll find happiness with every book they read. Surely, you will see stellar students when you support your children in their school work. The way you assist … Continue reading

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