Tips to Enhance Your Preschooler’s Interest in Reading

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As a parent, it feels amazing to witness your kids show potential in becoming future achievers. You can see your kid’s excellent development in their early skills in playing and sports, their enthusiasm during arts and crafts time and roleplaying activities, or their incredible social skills. However, there’s no better feeling for a parent to see their kids excel academically, don’t you agree? It’s amazing to see your kid becoming, not only a free thinker but also an enthusiastic learner. And do you know what’s the most common early trait great learners have? Love for reading. Sure, your preschoolers may not have the skills to properly read yet, and the same goes for most kids their age, but having the early enthusiasm and interest to read and listen to stories and reading circles can take them a long way. That’s why, at Wonderful Virginia Academy, we make reading time a highlight of our daily sessions and each story circle be interesting for the kids. You, as a parent, have all the power to train them to become future achievers as early as now. Enhance their interest in reading the following tips:

Read together

Bedtime stories are not just to help them sleep quickly. Other than the fact that telling bedtime stories, or simply reading to them anytime of the day is a great way for parents and kids to bond and have quality time together. It also helps enhance their ability to listen, recognize, memorize, and even read. Read to them regularly and you’ll notice a great improvement in their language skills. Make reading together with your little ones a habit.

Read many times

Read their favorite stories at least twice. It helps improve their memorization and recite the story with you when they’re already familiar with it. You should also make sure to read aloud and point out objects and words so they will be able to recognize and name them on future reading.

Make reading fun

Read in funny and dramatic voices to keep them entertained. You can also do a little roleplaying and make sure to make your gestures on point. It helps them name and recognize actions and feelings.

Enroll them in preschool

Expand and develop their overall learning by enrolling them in a preschool program where they will be granted with unlimited opportunities to discover and learn, along with their friends. Wonderful Virginia Academy offers outstanding yet affordable child care in Woodbridge that will help you in fully preparing your kids for the start of their formal education.

While you can train your children to be more interested in learning even while at home, there is no better way to develop and advance their learning than to let them learn under the guidance of professional educators and the company of their friends at Wonderful Virginia Academy. Schedule an appointment at and let your kids receive their earliest education from the Best Childcare in Woodbridge, Virginia.

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