Helping Your Toddlers Overcome Their Fear Of Public Speaking

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Along with the Best Childcare in Virginia, parents can help their toddlers overcome their fear of public speaking. Below are tips to do so.

  1. Make it fun.

    Most children often absorb new information when they are having fun. They tend to be open to learning new things when they are having fun. They also won’t develop a fear of a certain activity. Instead, they will naturally and constantly do such a thing.

    Make public speaking a fun activity, not something that your toddlers should grow up being afraid of. Try changing its name to something that sounds fun. At the same time, it will be best not to make it a graded activity at your toddlers’ age. It will only make them feel pressured not to fail.

  2. Start with easy poems.

    Build your toddlers’ confidence by starting with easy poems. These should include words that are easy to read and vocabularies easy to understand. This will also help in their overall Child Development in Woodbridge, Virginia.

    Read a poem to them. Encourage them to repeat each line after you. After reading the poem, see if you can urge them to recite it by themselves.

  3. Help them focus on their message, not on technique.

    Understanding the message that your toddlers are trying to convey is more important than the technique. They first need to know how to clearly and effectively deliver their message in the most basic manner. Once they have established a solid foundation as well as confidence, then you can teach different techniques for public speaking.

  4. Let them speak in front of one or a few people.

    Most providers of Early Childhood Education typically let kids talk in front of the whole group. While it can be a good practice, the same situation can be traumatic for a kid who is still trying to find their footing.

    In this case, start small. Instead of the entire class, let them talk to a couple of their peers so they can feel comfortable and feel no judgment from them.

  5. Give them time to practice.

    Practice will always help improve any skill. Give your toddlers enough time to practice their public speaking skills. They are still learning and developing. But, the desired results may show in the long run.

  6. Give positive feedback.

    Always provide positive feedback to what your kids are doing. Receiving positive feedback feels good and will most likely encourage them to do better. If there is a need to provide constructive criticism, make sure to sandwich such criticism between the positives.

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