Should Parents Let Their Child Play With Their Food?


Preschoolers playing with their food can create a lot of mess, sometimes frustrating their parents. However, some experts from the best childcare in Woodbridge, Virginia mention that little ones who play with their food tend to become comfortable in eating various foods. For this reason, they are likely to become non-picky eaters!

The idea is that if children feel comfortable getting messy with their food on the table, they are more open to tasting new things. Playing with their food as if it’s an art form can give them a sense of control over their food choices and have a bit of fun as well.

Letting your preschooler sit on a high-chair during mealtime is a good idea. This gives them their own space to become exploratory with their food and examine their shape, taste, and smell. We understand that things can get messy, but eventually, you’ll understand how this helps with their development.

Getting them enrolled in programs for child development in Virginia that include food education can also increase their awareness of how important eating fruits and vegetables are since these foods are usually less likely to be picked by little ones when presented with food choices.

At Wonderful Virginia Academy, we want to educate children about healthy foods. To know more about our early childhood education programs, please contact us today.

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