The Benefits of Observing Hand Hygiene at School


Hand hygiene in preschool is important because young children are more susceptible to infections. They often engage in close contact and share toys, making it easy for germs to spread. Proper handwashing is something kids must observe not only at home but also at school, to remain healthy.

Yes, hand hygiene is crucial in different settings to raise healthful children. Observing it at preschool has several advantages:

  • Disease prevention

    Handwashing reduces the spread of infections and illnesses among children and staff. Regular handwashing also creates a cleaner and safer environment for learning and playing.

  • Educational value

    Teaches children important hygiene habits that can last a lifetime and something they can pass on to the next generation. It can be a part of their early childhood education.

  • Attendance

    Proper hygiene can contribute to better attendance rates as illnesses are less likely to spread. It also helps protect teachers and staff from illnesses, maintaining a healthy workforce. It is part of our commitment to provide dedicated child development in Virginia, so attendance is vital in our kind of job.

  • Parental peace of mind

    Assures parents that their children are in a hygienic environment, easing concerns. It feels better when you know your kids are safe every time.

Overall, practicing hand hygiene in preschool is a proactive measure that benefits both the institution and the long-term well-being of the children.

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