Truth Be Told: Poor Health Affects Children’s Learning Ability

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A balanced diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep are three timeless reminders for overall health. When it comes to your children, it is important for holistic wellbeing not to be compromised as it greatly affects young ones’ learning ability.

At Wonderful Virginia Academy, we show great concern for your children’s health. We also believe in the role it plays in learning. We recognize that good health influences effective learning, while the opposite displays undesirable results. Listed below are a few health-related issues common in children and their effect on the learning ability when left uncorrected.

  • Poor Sleep

    Some children can be easily enticed to stay up late watching television, playing with their gadgets, or enjoying fun games at home. Being constantly tolerant with this makes it okay for you to watch your precious ones deprived of sufficient sleep. In effect, they come to school with heavy eyes, potential headache, low attention span, and unfueled energy. Their brain works slower than usual, making interaction and comprehension tough to attain.

  • Poor Nutrition

    Generally, children find junk foods, candies and chocolates more attracting than all the other healthy foods stocked for them. The challenge is to get them to eat healthy every day, even when they’re snacking. Failure to do so makes your children nutrition-deficient. Not eating breakfast and overeating can also cause poor nutrition. Poor nutrition impairs normal physical growth and cognitive development. As a result, children become slow to learn and hard of thinking critically. The ability to think out of the box can also be out of the picture.

  • Poor Hygiene

    Poor hygiene attracts germs to the body, causing a wide list of sicknesses. When your children get sick, they either come to school inattentive or miss the class and learn nothing. Maintaining good hygiene is a necessary discipline that needs to be taught beginning childhood. When children develop the responsibility to constantly apply healthy hygiene habits, they become more careful not to fall into the pitfalls of sicknesses.

  • Too Little Physical Activity

    Some children simply aren’t fond of physical activities, especially when they aren’t kinesthetic learners. However, studies show that low percentage of physical activeness disturbs the improvement of mental health. The body’s energy level highly influences the mind’s interest to engage in learning. With poor exercise, not only are your children physically inactive; they also display unhealthy behaviors cognitively, emotionally and socially.

Your children can learn a lot better when healthy changes in their lifestyle take place as early as now. Their learning abilities would then climb up to peaks, making them the best of learners here at the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia.

With us, you can be certain of getting the help you need in keeping close watch of your children’s health. As your trusted provider of childcare in Virginia, find rest that your precious ones are safe within our walls.

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