5 Tips: How to Select Toys for Your Toddler

mother and sonCan you still remember the first toy you’ve received as a two-year-old? If not, then you have our point. Toys can only do so much for kids but it’s prudent not to splurge on them. Your child probably won’t remember it anyway. They may even destroy the hundred-dollar remote-controlled car you bought for them. But with the right assistance, toys can be educational for toddlers.

As a promoter of child development in Woodbridge, Virginia, we believe that toys can be used to empower kids’ learning. We share with you these recommendations in selecting toys for your toddler:

  1. Read the warnings.

    When you buy toys in shopping malls, they are usually packed with user guides and other instructions. Always read the warnings or the hazard instructions. These will tell you if that toy will suit your kid’s age. Some toys are not safe for tots below three years because they can be choking hazards.

  2. Be educational.

    When choosing toys, consider their educational potential. Choose toys with letters, numbers, shapes, or animal types. This way, you can have a subtle way of educating your kids while they are engrossed in playing with these toys. They won’t realize you’re already teaching them stuff since their toys are your lesson materials.

  3. Encourage reading.

    Try giving your kids hard books that they can safely flip over. They would still think of these as toys, but you can use these to tell them stories or read one aloud. This could be the start of an early childhood education.

  4. Consider the colors.

    Amazingly, colors have a way of getting your kid’s attention. You must have already noticed it by now. When you select colors, go for the brighter ones. Bright colors can help you spot them under furniture or behind corners. Aside from that, bright colors make dirt easily visible so you can clean them right away.

  5. Spot their interests.

    Your toddler will lean on a particular interest like balls, dolls, or trucks. You can use this as a basis for choosing what plaything to give to your kid.

As parents, your roles are crucial in providing a safe and secure environment for your child not only with when they’re playing but also with what they use to play. Playtime is vital for a child’s normal growth, but so is their safety. Let this be one of your criteria when you enroll your kid in a day care center. Check the center’s play area and the toys they use. This can give you an idea of what type of environment your toddler will be in.

At Wonderful Virginia Academy, we provide a quality learning environment for children, as well as a safe place to nurture their adventurous selves. Visit us here in the center and meet the people who provide the best childcare in Virginia.

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