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5 Ways Art Can Enhance Your Child’s Development

As a Daycare in Woodbridge, we implement art as a part of our curriculum because it promotes holistic growth for your child in more ways than one: It can improve their physical fitness. We often perceive art more like a desktop activity performed in Early Childhood Education, but did you know that it can actually … Continue reading

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Praising Your Child: Different Ways To Do It

Giving praises to our children is an incredible aspect of parenthood. As providers of Early Childhood Education in Woodbridge, Virginia, we understand how managing praises with children can be rewarding. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Nevertheless, we also know that parents are very exceptional in this role. So we believe … Continue reading

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What to Teach Your Child About Safety when Playing

As advocates for Early Childhood Education in Woodbridge, Virginia, we greatly believe that playing is an essential activity for children. Not only will this help promote physical agility, but it can also improve their social skills and enhance their mental wellbeing. However, the playground can also pose risks and danger for our little ones. Whether … Continue reading

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5 Simple Tips to Build a Child’s Reading Skills

Every child will need early childhood education in Woodbridge, Virginia. Yet, the child doesn’t have to be in kindergarten first before they learn how to read. As a parent, you are capable of teaching your child reading skills. Here are five simple tips parents you can do to build your child’s reading skills. Learn the … Continue reading

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Helping Your Child Grow Better

The most crucial stages of a child’s development are in their infant, toddler, and school-age years. As parents, you always want what’s best for your child. So, your priority should be looking for the best childcare foundation. Those early periods of their lives will become their groundwork for the many years to come. One of … Continue reading

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