Establishing Routines for Your Preschooler

Establishing Routines for Your Preschooler

Even if you enroll your child in the best childcare center, the upbringing at home will continue to affect their behavior. That is why routines come in handy to easily manage their behavior. lists down the following benefits of establishing routines for your child:

  • Safety and Belongingness
    Children feel safe and secured at home. More importantly, children can have more fun bonding with the family.
  • Skills and Responsibility
    Children develop a sense of responsibility and basic skills such as time management, which they can use for life. Being able to do parts of the routine without supervision also helps them become more independent.
  • Healthy Habits
    By including healthy habits such as brushing teeth, getting exercise, washing hands, etc. your child is less prone to common illnesses.

You can start establishing simple routines for your preschooler such as:

  • Getting ready in the morning
  • Playing with other kids
  • Eating meals
  • Reading books or telling stories
  • Having a quiet time and going to bed at night

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