How Important Is Play in Preschool?

How Important Is Play in Preschool?

Children, during their formative years, tend to be very energetic. Their restlessness makes it difficult for them to focus in school. Fortunately, preschool is not as intensive as formal education in the higher years.

Preschool is the starting point of a child’s education. Because this is still the period of adjustment of learning, it mainly focuses on the learning experience itself. To make this happen, child play has a major role in preschool education.

Plays are not only held to make learning more exciting for children, but these have other amazing benefits in child development in Virginia, such as:

  • Stimulates brain development – Most plays may be more on physical activities, but it requires brain and body coordination.
  • Fosters communication skills – Playing with other children improves communication skills. It is also a great way to learn new words.
  • Promotes creative thinking – Most types of play involve problem-solving. A child learns to be creative in trying to solve these.
  • Boosts physical functions – Aside from developing cognitive abilities, plays also improve physical skills. These are also a great form of physical activity.
  • Builds relationships – Social interaction is a great way to strengthen bonds. On top of this, it also develops social empathy, making it the best childcare practice.

Play may just be something that most children play, especially when they get bored. However, the abovementioned list of benefits shows that there’s more to these plays than just being something fun.

Wonderful Virginia Academy offers early childhood education in Woodbridge, Virginia that can help ensure that your little ones get the most out of their plays.

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