5 Simple Tips to Build a Child’s Reading Skills

familyEvery child will need early childhood education in Woodbridge, Virginia. Yet, the child doesn’t have to be in kindergarten first before they learn how to read. As a parent, you are capable of teaching your child reading skills. Here are five simple tips parents you can do to build your child’s reading skills.

  • Learn the Alphabet

    Let the child learn all the letters of the alphabet. Guide them through the upper case and lower case. Don’t forget to let them listen to how each letter sounds.

  • Read Books by Themselves

    Allow children to “read” books by themselves. Reading by memorization can help with the child’s reading skills too. There are many short books you can pick for this activity on child development in Virginia.

  • Read and Review a Story

    Read a story to the child. Let them listen first. Once you reach the end of the story, get the child to talk about it. You can review the plot, ask about the characters, or the events they like.

  • Read Complex Words One Simple Word at a Time

    Let them read through compound words slowly. Children can usually read compound words when you let them pronounce those word for word. But, they tend to mix up the sounds when you tell them to go faster. For example, they can say “blueberry” when reading them as “blue” and “berry”, with a pause in between. If you let the child put the two words together though, it will sound like “burberry”.

  • Play with Simple Words

    Replace individual sounds in one-syllable words to make a new word. For example, you can replace the “H” in “Hat” with a “B” to make it “Bat”. The child will learn to recognize new words, despite them being rhyming ones.

Wonderful Virginia Academy is excited to meet your kindergartener! If you want to give your child the best education, give us a call. You can share this article to parents who want to get the best childcare tips they can adopt for their child.

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