How to Help Your Child with Separation Anxiety


Separation anxiety in children is normal, especially if it is their first time spending the whole day away from you. Without the proper techniques, it can be difficult to manage. Some kids may not be experiencing separation anxiety right now at home, but it will activate when parents drop their children off at school.

As one of the best childcare in Woodbridge, Virginia., we understand that each child has a unique experience when it comes to going to school. For one thing, children are not yet accustomed to being abandoned. Two, they are common occurrences.

Because of this, some parents will discontinue or refuse to send their children to preschool. Regardless of the obstacles, it is critical to understand why it is necessary. Early childhood education is crucial for a child’s development milestones to be met on time.

Tantrums and meltdowns are manageable if you know how to handle them properly.

Here are some pointers to help you deal with your child’s separation anxiety:

  • Make and practice a farewell ritual with your child. You can practice saying goodbye to them until it’s time to go to school.
  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm for them attending school. Your joy is contagious to your child. As a result, they will be anticipating it.
  • Talk to them about it mostly. Allow the child to comprehend and assure them that it will be brief and that you will return to fetch them in no time.

Wonderful Virginia Academy can serve as your child’s warm-up for big school. Our child development in Virginia will help them learn while having fun. We will help them learn new skills, grow, and gain independence. Discuss our program with us. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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