Simple Ways to Make Your Kids Comfortable in Childcare


As parents of toddlers and preschoolers, there can be many reasons for you to send them in a childcare in Virginia. Other than the fact that it’s geared towards the early holistic development of your child, childcare centers like Wonderful Virginia Academy also create a safe, secured, and nurturing environment for your little loved ones. However, as enthusiastic parents can be in sending their kids to childcare in order for them to have a much better growing-up experience, most kids just don’t understand the need to be away from their parents while they’re playing and learning with other kids. Having to frequent a public environment outside home without the attention of their parents can be uncomfortably unfamiliar and scary for kids at first but you can always prepare them and help them ease into childcare with these simple ways:

Share your own stories

Kids naturally tend to follow their parents’ footsteps. After all, you are their earliest role models. Take it as an advantage to help them become more interested in the things you think will be best for them. Share your own stories about your earliest memories in childcare and preschool. Assure them that it will be fun and they can have more play time than being inside the house can allow.

Help them make friends

Interact with other parents so your kids can interact and play with their kids, too. Invite their friends over at home after daily childcare sessions or schedule a playdate outside class hours. The better their relationship with their peers, the more they look forward to every day at school.

Be an encouraging parent

Be all-out on your happiness and support when it comes to their early learning. Kids love to impress their parents so shower them with encouragement and praises for all the classroom activities they have accomplished every single day. Let them know that you are always looking forward to what they are going to do next in school so they will be more excited for it too. The more supportive you are as a parent, the more inspired your kids will be to learn.

Find time to visit

Constantly visiting them in their daily sessions lets them know that you really support them and interacting and trusting their teachers helps your kids trust them, too. At Wonderful Virginia Academy, we encourage parents to give a visit and communicate with their kids’ educators so they can show support as well as be updated with their progress and abilities at school. The comfortable and nurturing environment we provide, which makes kids ease into childcare without problems, is one of the reasons why we have the Best Childcare in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Helping your kids learn early shouldn’t be difficult, especially with the affordable child care in Woodbridge that we offer at Wonderful Virginia Academy. We provide the most comfortable, nurturing, and secured childcare environment for your little achievers to grow. Enrol them now at

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