How to Raise a Respectful Toddler

familyYour toddler is still very young and must be consistently taught to understand how important being respectful is. He has to practice to learn to show respect. And because his language skills are still developing, you cannot expect him to answer you in an understandable way how he is having fun with his toys when you told him it is bedtime. Being a provider of the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia, we want to help you teach your toddler respect.

Show to Him How Respectful you Are

You must start with listening. Waiting for your toddler to have his say can be difficult. What you can do is going down on his level and make him feel you want to listen to what he wants to say. This teaches him to listen to you carefully as well.

Introduce Polite Responses to Him

Don’t lecture your toddler to be respectful. Through good manners, your toddler can show respect and care for other people. When he already knows verbal communication, he will be able to say the magic words such as “thank you” and “please.” Tell him that you appreciate it when he is polite. Be consistent in saying the magic words to your child and other people.

Control your Temper

Sometimes, toddlers can call their parents unpleasant names in order to provoke a reaction. Do not get face to face. Rather, tell him firmly and quietly that your family does not talk or hit that way. And show him how being respectful can help him get what he wants. For instance, tell him to ask you nicely if he wants to play with you.

Expect Him to Disagree

Children do not always comply with their parents’ requests. And if your toddler does not agree with you, this only means that he has a different opinion. He must be taught how to take a positive spin in each of his requests. Once your child’s verbal skills reach maturity, he can have these polite requests on his own. For now, he needs a constant supply of examples from you.

Praise Him whenever He Displays a Respectful Behavior

When your toddler shows instant politeness, recognize it immediately and specifically. Ensure your praise describes his behavior such as saying “good job,” “good boy,” or “good girl.” Be clear and detailed so that your child will see his effort is appreciated.

Be Kind and Firm

Your kindness shows that you respect your child. Your firmness shows your respect for what must be done. So for instance, when your child throws a tantrum in public, take him out to your vehicle kindly and firmly and let him finish his outburst interrupted. When he is done, tell him he can try again and then return to the place he threw a fit in.

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