Six Ways to Help Overcome Your Preschooler’s Shyness

two kidsMany parents encounter the same dilemmas regarding their little ones. One of the most common problems is perhaps their children’s shyness. Is being shy a bad thing? Wonderful Virginia Academy, the Best Childcare in Woodbridge, Virginia, says no. Being shy is not bad in itself. However, if your preschoolers’ shyness gets to the point where it interrupts them from enjoying social activities, you should help them find ways to overcome it.

Below are some simple things you can do to help them get over your little cherubs’ shyness:

  1. Stop pushing your little ones from making social interactions with the other children.
    Do not push your little ones into doing something they do not want to do. If they do not want to play with the other children, just let them be. Pushing them to do it will just make them anxious and will make them more shy to do it. Let them have their own pacing.

  2. Encourage your little ones to open up to you.
    Shyness is a personality trait. But for some children, it can be a sign that there is something wrong. Consult their teacher about how your little ones are doing in school. Maybe there are something like family issues bugging your kids, which you did not know are affecting them. Have a sit-down with your toddlers and assure them that you are always available for a talk.

  3. Start with a simple hello.
    When meeting someone they know in the streets, encourage your little cherubs to say hello. Or, teach them that if a friend greets them hello, they should respond with a hi. Saying hello might be a simple thing, but it can serve as a great stepping stone to help your preschoolers overcome their shyness.

  4. Help they unravel their strengths.
    One common attribute shy children share is lack of self-confidence. They focus on their weaknesses and disregard their strengths. It is your duty as a parent to help them uncover their strengths by pointing out the things they are good at and the positive qualities they have.

  5. Avoid labeling them as shy.
    During social gatherings, when you introduce your little ones and they act a little shy, you usually say, “Oh, my baby is just shy!” As parents, you should stop doing this. The more you label them as shy, the more likely they will act shyer. Also, tell their teachers and other adults to stop using this label.

  6. Find a great preschool.
    Putting your children in the right learning environment can help them blossom into social butterflies.

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