How to Prepare Your Child for Child Care

mother and sonAny parent would absolutely be apprehensive leaving their children in other people’s care. As much as possible, you would want to be ensured of their care and safety around-the-clock. However, for many of us, especially working parents, enrolling your child in a daycare facility early on is essential. You, as a parent, are the key to helping your child adapt to a new environment.

It’s not easy, but we can help you through the first crucial days of adjusting your child to child care. To help ease both you and your child into it, take note of these tips:

  1. Visit the prospective daycare facilities in your area and get to know the teachers and caregivers. Once you’ve selected the best match for your kid, take him or her with you to help get the kid acquainted with the new daily environment and meet the people who will take care of him or her.

  2. Always prioritize safety. Make sure the child care center is equipped with reliable safety amenities and equipment. Be sure to check if the center is child-proofed.

  3. Role-play with your child and have fun in preparing for child care. Read stories or draw pictures about child care to help your child get an idea. You can also find other children who go to the same daycare and set play dates to help your child find a new friend.

  4. Since your child is leaving the comfort zone, be sure to allow him or her to bring something from home that’ll help him feel comfortable. A safety blanket, stuffed toy, favorite book, or action figure will do the thing.

  5. Be sure to supply the child care facility with a list of contact numbers and a copy of your child’s health and medical records. This will ease your mind and help you adjust to the thought of leaving your child.

  6. Don’t linger when you drop your child off. Better yet, develop a drop-off routine with your child. A kiss, a special handshake, or a long hug can help assure your child that he will be fine in child care. Be sure to show your child that he is safe and that you will soon be back for him or her. Be sure to stick to your drop-off and pick-up time routine. Being late for pick-up increases your child’s anxiety and apprehension to go back the day after.

  7. Bring the right supplies and materials for childcare. The usual includes blankets and pillows, extra clothes, sunscreen, a hat for outdoor play, diapers if your child is not potty-trained, and snacks or formula.

  8. At the end of the day, talk about it with your child. Ask your child what he or she did and ask what his or her favorite part of the day was. This will help your kid look forward to going back.

There you go! Just a few tips to help you out. Of course, the transition won’t be easy for both you and your child. Just remember to always assure your child that it will be fine and that he or she is safe in child care. Ensure yourself by selecting the best child care in your area to help maintain your peace of mind. For the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia, the best answer is Wonderful Virginia Academy. We offer Affordable Child Care in Woodbridge without compromising the quality of our care. For details, visit our website Your child is guaranteed to be comfortable and safe with us.

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