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We see art as part of the learning process to keep children from being bored. We equate art as an icebreaker giving the learner a chance to give their brain a chance to think of other things besides academics. But in reality, artworks more than just an accessory subject. It is the gateway to discovering your child’s full potential.

Many researchers have claimed that arts do wonder to your child’s learning and development. For instance, drawing and painting can develop creativity and imagination in your child, music improves the brain’s function, dancing can develop motor skills making your child more agile and active and even dramatic arts can help develop the problem-solving skills of your child. At Wonderful Virginia Academy, the Best Childcare in Woodbridge Virginia, we give equal importance to performing arts subject like that of other subjects in our curriculum.

And to help you understand the importance of art in your child’s learning, read through the article to know more.

Art in the early learning process
Our kids, toddlers, and preschoolers are likened to be a blank slate. They basically do not know anything and it is through their environment and the people around them in which they know of the first alphabet or the sound of a laugh and a cry. But when you engage them in formal education, they are like a huge sponge and they just absorb everything.

Considering this capacity of each child, adding art in the learning process makes everything simpler and more interesting for the kids. Our little ones could learn more when they learn counting and the basic literacy with music in it. You may have noticed that children rhymes are about the alphabet, counting numbers and basic vocabulary and the kids are learning about these things effortlessly.

Moreover, the social skills of the child are also developed in performing arts. Dancing to the beat of “Ten Little Indians” or “London Bridge is Falling Down” may look just another classroom activity but it is really teaching the students basic words and counting terms. Isn’t that amazing?

Integrating Arts in major subjects
For teachers who are dealing with children in the right school age, arts could play an important role as well. They can still integrate their lessons and concepts with art by letting the student draw what they understand on the subject or they could perhaps make a rhyme in order to remember important facts and terms.

In addition, as teachers, you can also think of ways where your students will collaborate with their classmates in coming up with learning outputs or explore different materials and processes of learning something. They will surely enjoy the class if we focus more on their learning rather than just purely discussion.

For enjoyable childhood education and learning, visit us at Wonderful Virginia Academy, the leader when it comes to Childcare in Virginia. We have a team of teachers who can cater to the individual needs of your child and we have the appropriate curriculum which efficiently responds to the needs of the 21st-century learner today.

For details, you can visit our website or call us at 703-670-2500.

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