Why We Encourage Social Interaction Among Children

childrenDo you notice how your infant gets excited when they meet new people? They tend to laugh a little more or even utter some incoherent words as if they are really trying to tell a story that you do not know about. This is just one of the many proofs that infants are just like a fully developed human being. They are very sociable and they want to mingle with new people.

Our fascination for child interaction is carried out through our enhanced curriculum where we put the priority on social interaction development in our activities and teaching methods. A part of our curriculum focuses on the development of social interaction among our infants and other kids. Specifically, we want to cater for the growth of the child as a social being. As much as possible we want to inculcate the system of establishing good relationships with other kids, having their own self-perception and understanding emotions around them and knowing how to balance it.

Is social interaction really necessary?

We might think that our kids do not really need the kind of interaction that adults have. We want to avoid too much human contact, primarily because we do not want our child to be influenced by other things. We want to protect them from other things that could possibly hurt them.

Because of such fear, we have overlooked the fact that our kids could learn from their environment as well. For instance, when we send our infants to play dates or to our Best Childcare in Woodbridge, Virginia, the Wonderful Virginia Academy, we are helping them learn. In fact, studies have shown that infants and newborns become perceptive, active, and responsive when they are in a social interaction.

Mannerism, speech, and behavior can best be learned by infants when they are in a social group.

How does this benefit our child?

The most evident effect of healthy social interaction to children is that they will know how to manage their emotions and cognitive responses. This is especially true for infants. For instance, the more we expose our child to their peers or even with our adult friends, they will have the instinct to not cry or throw tantrums for no reason at all. Instead, they will try to mimic what the people around them do like laughing or sometimes they even try to blabber words because they want to join in on conversations.

Other positive benefits of social interaction:

  • They develop a sense of confidence- the more the child can mingle with different people, the more they will eventually recognize their own abilities and talents, and they would want to do things their own.
  • Social understanding- growing up, your child will understand the differences of the characters of the people they meet. Instead of being evasive on people they cannot understand, they are more open to exploring and adjusting to character differences.

When it comes to childcare, we do not just want to teach our kids all the facts. We want them to familiarize all the aspects of learning and that includes the mental and social learning. Holistic learning is important for the kids as it will develop their full potential that would be very helpful to them as they grow up.

Get to know more about your child and their learning capacity with us, at Wonderful Virginia Academy, an Affordable Child Care in Woodbridge. When it comes to choosing your childcare provider, choose the one that truly cares for your child’s welfare.

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