Praising Your Child: Different Ways To Do It

father and sonGiving praises to our children is an incredible aspect of parenthood. As providers of Early Childhood Education in Woodbridge, Virginia, we understand how managing praises with children can be rewarding. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Nevertheless, we also know that parents are very exceptional in this role. So we believe that you can bring up your child in the great way that you envision.

When it comes to giving praises to your child, here are additional tips you can apply when it’s time to praise your toddler:

  • Make Eye Contact When You Say It

    As you tell your child what you appreciate about him/her, talk to him/her on eye level. This closeness helps them feel more confident. You can also focus on them and be able to deliver your message more intently.

  • Use the Right Words

    When praising your toddler, use words that are simple and easy to understand for their age. For instance, you can identify exactly what they are doing that made you appreciate them.

  • Focus on their Strengths

    As you praise your little one, highlight their personal strengths. Children can easily compare themselves with other children. When you praise them for their individual strengths, they will learn to see that every child has strength and talent.

  • Look for the Little Things

    When your child is already a toddler, you must have known by now that they thrive on the little things. They cherish your attention. So, when they do even the littlest and simplest things, they would love for you to notice and appreciate them.

  • Avoid Praising Too Much

    While it’s good to praise your child, it’s also important to not overdo it. When you give your praises at the right moments, your child feels that you’re credible and they will trust your words for it.

At Wonderful Virginia Academy, we partner with you in providing quality Child Development in Virginia. We hope the above-mentioned tips are able to empower you more as a parent.

What was your experience in praising your child? Comment below!

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