Effective Parenting: Getting Your Toddler to Listen

Effective Parenting: Getting Your Toddler to Listen
If you have a toddler, you may have observed how hard it is to get your child to listen. At this age, your child must be taught how to pay attention. With the right approach, teaching your child to listen doesn’t have to be a battle. The tips below can help you:

  • Get Down on His Eye Level

    To get your child to listen, you need to talk to him face to face. Sit down next to him when trying to emphasize your points. Wonderful Virginia Academy, a provider of Affordable Child Care in Woodbridge, suggests trying to get his attention first when talking to him.

  • State your Message Clearly and With Some Authority

    Avoid focusing on a certain topic for a long time to ensure your child will pay attention to what you say. Use a concise phrase that highlights your authority. Just ensure though that you don’t sound like a somebody who is ready to hit the child when he doesn’t follow you. Although you can give your toddler some choices, try to stick with just two to somehow empower him.

  • Follow Up your Message

    You can make use of some other types of messages to reinforce your points. This is especially ideal if you are attempting to pull your toddler’s attention away from something. As a provider of Childcare in Virginia, we advise that you let your child know when something is not good for him and how he can approach it safely.

  • Give Advance Notice

    Warnings are important before allowing a major change to occur. Again, you need to emphasize your authority here when trying to get your child to listen to you and give up the time he may be spending with his toys or playmates.

  • Teach with Affection

    Getting your child to listen takes affection and patience. Although we have been emphasizing the importance of authority here, it does not mean yelling orders or being a super-strict parent in the making. For instance, ask your child to brush his teeth and he gets his favorite pajama. This is a more affectionate way to get your child to brush his teeth.

  • Show that you are a Good Listener

    You will only get your child to listen if he sees that you listen to him and other people with respect. So whenever your child talks to you, look at him and give polite responses. Also, ensure you don’t cut his messages short by interrupting.

    Although the conversation can happen while you are into something such as while you are cooking, never turn your back while your child is talking. Remember that your child will do as you do.

  • Recognize His Good Behaviors

    You cannot get your child to listen if you only catch him when he is doing something wrong. Notice his good behavior to motivate him to continue to be a good listener and follower.

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